Saturday, March 22, 2014


嗨,好久不见~好久没上来看看了~ 现在的心情很复杂,只想放空。 未来我会好吗?你呢,未来你会好吗?被操纵的未来,想必不是那么的好吧~自己主宰的未来,才是真正属于自己的未来~不管为来怎么样,自己选择走的路,怨不了任何人。这样的未来或许才不会有太多的怨天尤人。自己对自己选择的未来负责人才是个出来社会成长的小孩~学习负责任,学习做决定~ 你成长了吗?你对你自己选择的路,负责任了吗? 我呢,还在学习中~ 上天做这样的安排有何用意呢?我真的很想知道。违逆那些意愿,结果又是如何呢? 太多太多的疑虑~ 越来越模糊的希望~ 放开那紧握在手的希望又是什么感受?我有那份勇气再次放开那紧握在手的希望吗? 时间把很多事都变成理所当然~ 变成一种习惯。 当要把习惯改掉时,就好像叫吸毒者戒毒吗?会很辛苦吧? 时间能让某些事变成习惯,自然而然也能改变,创造新的习惯~我一直在学习如何让自己看开~ 希望未来能让我改变,创造新的习惯! 加油!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


最近在看一本小說。好久沒有那麼悠閒的做一件事了。現在的日子其實是又擔心又害怕又悠閒。想到還沒有找到工作就擔心害怕。但是在家裡真的很悠閒自在。總之我會快點做工賺錢。我想分享的是這本小說裡的一句話- 女人的青春可以用來浪費在相愛相廝相守上詞,甚至是痴痴地等待誰的回眸一笑,但絕不是用來滿足誰的私人想法。我個人覺得這句話很有意思。能說是說對了女生的心。還有另一半的故事我還沒看完。等看完了有意義的話,我會在這裡分享。好久都沒在這裡抒發情感了。呵呵~~ 願在做工的朋友賺大錢,願單身的朋友能在對的時候找到對的另一半。願你我都健康快樂。突然這篇也變成了許願篇。;)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Be brave~

It's been a long time, I didn't update my blog~ Recently I saw some precious things. I never thought that you will be like that~ It's very touch. However, it is also quite "kesian". I know your feeling, just dun think it so negatively. It is not the end of the world, be brave to face it~ Although I know that I'm also not that brave, yet I hope you are~ Be brave, my dear~

Monday, April 2, 2012

S.P. is nightmare~

HELP~~~~ I just cannot fall asleep... When I closed my eyes, my mind just automatic think about senior project. I know I been procrastinate my progress. What can I do? I just haven't got the data from the company!!! After got the data, I guess it will be another headache week just because of SPSS!!! Seriously, doing senior project is so anxious, make me cannot sleep well~~~ Please, next semester gonna take another senior project, I hope I won't burn out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coming to the end of the March

Long time didn't update my blog d... Now i gonna write some random stuff... HEHE ^^ Baskin Robbin, my favorite ice-cream brand. Guess what? TahTah

I went to eat Baskin Robbin last Tuesday... So long didn't eat Baskin Robbin already, i miss it so much.. Yummy~ I love it! This is mint chocolate and royal chocolate mousse with caramel. I like sweet things~

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Procrastination is scary!!!!

I still haven't sleep at this hour is because i'm cleaning up the mess that cause by my procrastination. I need to meet my lecturer for discussing the senior project and yet i haven't do the homework that she gave. I'm suppose to pass up 5 literature review for her on last Thursday, but then that is the day after i came back from Langkawi and i have a assignment due date on that day as well. I told my lecturer to delay the meeting time so that i can focus on my social psychology assignment 1st. The meeting time was delay till the coming Monday and i haven't touch the homework till just now. I have done 3 literature review. Tomorrow gonna do another 2 literature review. Gambateh!!! Procrastination is scary, i have to bear the consequence of doing it. Damn tiring things....

Langkawi-awesome trip+birthday celebration

I went to Langkawi with friends last Monday. Coincidently, my birthday is the last day of the trip so my friends celebrate with me in Langkawi. The villa that we stay is Villa Del Porto. U cannot imagine inside when u saw the outside of the villa. It is very ugly and very look standard when i look at outside, it seems like we are going to stay in some kampung house. However, when i reached the villa and went into the villa. I cannot believed that the villa is so big and nice.... The view from the balcony is very nice. Damn awesome. The villa has three room with AIR-COND!!!!! Girls sleep in the master bedroom.... I have a nice pillow talk with them... Feel like close abit with them... ^^ The routine things that we all do is eat, buy wine/beer and shop for chocolate.... It is a very relaxing trip. I got one friend scare of fish and another friend scare of birds. They are very brave!!! They went to aquarium with us and the aquarium have a part is tropical rain forest. The tropical rain forest have flamingo, duck and swam. The friend that scare of birds really very scare when pass by that place. However, she still managed to pass by that place. Another friend that scare of fish look calm !!! Very surprise that he didn't hide or look scare. He just managed to look at the fish and didn't show the scare face. Salute !!! Btw, my friend bought a small cake for me and they all sing birthday song for the birthday person as usual... It is a special experience, 1st time celebrate birthday at Langkawi. I got a jay chou 2007 concert album and a beautiful necklace from my friends. Thank you so much~~~